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Ciro D'Alessio
Professional Italian painter

Ciro D'Alessio was born in Naples in 1977. He completed humanistic and philosophical studies and at the same time began his pictorial activity, first as self-taught, then under the guidance of some exponents of Neapolitan figurative painting, with which he exhibited his first works. He then participates in numerous group shows around Italy and at various exhibitions in art fairs, where he can appreciate the interest in his work

He finds in painting a link with the sensible concreteness of the world, which now plays such a marginal role in contemporary culture, started on paths of dematerialization and fabulation.

The interest in sensitive matter led him in a first phase to experiment a very personalized figurative impressionism. Subsequently, the pictorial material progressively became increasingly detached from its representational and symbolic function to become the very end of painting, in a free play of contrasts and harmonies.

"Informal Impressionism" is the formula that he chose to summarize this phase of his work: "impressionism" because the inspiration of the work is given by a concrete and sensitive image; "informal" because the energies and sensations contained in this image come as freed from the limits of the form, to become concrete in pictorial matter that expands freely.
Studio d'arte: Via Marconi, 3a Pozzuoli (Na)

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